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Dealing with the Loss of a Pet: Doggy and Kitty Heaven's in the Sky

Losing a pet can be a sensitive topic, especially for children. The inspiration for Doggy Heaven’s in the Sky came from the real-life loss of Lynn Barbarite’s Golden Retriever, Cody. The book was created to help Lynn’s four-year-old son understand that euthanizing a dog means that it goes to a place called doggy heaven. In this magical place, all dogs’ pain goes away, and they can slide down rainbows. Similarly, Kitty Heaven’s in the Sky was written to help young children cope with the loss of their feline friends.

What Clients Say

Emily Ostfeld
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A touching story that deals with the heartbreaking loss of a child’s best friend, his dog, and his remarkable resilience to overcome a difficult decision. The author keeps the story emotionally uplifting and children will recognize the importance of making meaningful choices. The joyful and cozy illustrations depict the true bond between a child and his beloved pet. A must read for all children as the powerful message that a loved one’s memory is always with us resonates with all children, whether or not they have a pet.
Tobi Whitaker
Tobi WhitakerWhat a great book!!!
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This book is such an incredible tool to help a child through the death of their pet! I would highly recommend it!!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerTouching Story
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I would highly recommend this touching story to help provide comfort for a child who has lost a pet.
Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerSimple and heartfelt
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Beautifully written and a great way to help children deal with the loss of a pet
J. C.
J. C.Compassionate story, tenderly told, about the loss of a child's pet.
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Written with such tenderness and feeling, Doggy Heaven’s In The Sky tells the story of Tony and his dog Cody. Cody hasn’t been feeling well, and a visit to the veterinarian helps Tony process the emotions of letting his dear companion go on to romp among the clouds, slide down rainbows, and fly like the wind. The book gently tackles the loss of a pet in compassionate terms, with beautiful illustrations, that will help children cope with separation and grief. Having lost my dog when I was young, I still remember the deep, aching hole in my heart. Children are so impressionable, and this story will bring solace and help the healing process begin.
Tayreat for explaining the lost of a dog to a small child.
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Front to back, this book is an amazing first way to introduce the difficulties of losing the family dog. This can be such a helpful way to explain and show the process to a confused child. The illustration is sweet and simple for the little ones, as well as helps the parents show what they are talking about without overwhelming their child. This is a great help for a time like this.
mari lifrieri
mari lifrieriAmazing book for Children
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I was so happy I purchased this book for my granddaughter. We had just lost our Pittie Girl and she was heartbroken. I gave her the book and she finished it and was crying. She turned to me and asked “Why did you make me read this”? I told her so she could understand the process of Reese’s death. She gave me a hug and said “Thanks, I know now that she is over Rainbow Bridge and doesn’t hurt anymore. She’s a puppy all over again. But I still miss her everyday.
AMGComforting book for children in the loss of thier pet.
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When a child has a bond with thier dog, or even a pet that has left them, they don't understand how to process their emotions or the grieving that follows. This book helps them to understand, with the assistance of thier parents, to know how to say goodbye and turn death into a positive perspective with the love that they shared, & as a remembrance of that loved one. Sincerely recommended.